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Rory Buckley
Michael Feingold

Rory Buckley

European Distribution

Dublin, Ireland


Rory Originally Came to New York and worked for Konica Minolta as Sales Rep, Major Account Manager, Color Manager and Sales Manager for over 10 years. Rory returned to Ireland and formed several companies including a copier dealership that he subsequently sold. The company is still operating in Ireland.

After leaving Minolta and selling the copier business Rory realized that business customers were always struggling to search and find documents in their filing cabinets. Existing Document Management Systems were available at great cost and were all proprietary. He knew there had to be a better way. Rory Challenged Ben Sollis, a software developer to put together a solution that all businesses of all sizes could benefit from without being proprietary. That software is DocIt

Rory had a distinguished career at Konica Minolta and earned over 10 President Club Trips,

Michael Feingold

North American Distribution

New York

888-502-5092 Ext

Michael Has a Distinguished Career In the Office Automation Business For Over 35 Years. Beginning with a Small Minolta Copier Dealer and then Working His Way up the Corporate Ladder Direct With Minolta Copier Corporation, Minolta Business Solutions, and Konica Minolta Business Solutions.

Formerly a Branch General Manager With All Aspects of Running a $50 Million Branch Business, and Responsibility of P&L,  He Knows  What It Takes for A Branch or Dealership to Make Money and Remain Profitable.

Michael Has Achieved Over 10 President Club Trips Over the Years, Salesmen of The Year, Unit Leader of the Year, and Highest Dollar Revenue of the Year.

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