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Capturing Documents

Desktop Scanners - If Your Business Utilizes Desktops Scanners for Each Employee, as Many Offices Do. DocIt Can Be configured that all Scans are Sent To Specific Folders Automatically Regardless of Scanner Brand.

Multi-Function Product - Similar to Desktop Scanners, DocIt Can Have One Touch Buttons Created on Your Copier MFP with Network Destinations Created. You Can Also Scan Directly to One Drive

Virtual Printing Direct To Watch Folder - No More Printing of Documents only to Have to Rescan Them. DocIt Can Print Digitally into Virtual Printers Direct To File Pre-Index Folder

Automatic Flows From Incoming Emails - Create Automatic Emails Flows Direct To Hot Folder For Indexing. No Manual Entry- Great for HR Resources.

SecureDoc Option: Automatically Receive Shared Documents into a Private Secure Cloud Storage Folder on OneDrive or Google Drive. 

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