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Simplified Start Screen

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Simple Search and Retrieval

Searching is Easy!

You can search by:

  1. Click Search for All Documents

  2. Search by Field

  3. Combination Search ie Betty*Resume

Depending On What Fields You would prefer to have, DocIt Can be customized with whatever search fields you want to use.

Typical Businesses Using 

  • Finance

  • Human Resources

  • Attorneys and Legal

  • Accountants

  • Medical

  • Delivery Companies

  • Education

  • Manufacturing

  • Automotive Dealerships


The Core issue is the ability to access the information when and where you need  it most!

Business is Not The Same Anymore....

With Remote Workers, Branch offices, The Internet, E-mail , The Cloud...It Has Changed The Way We Need To Store and Access Information. 


DociT Can Provide Your Businesses and Customers the ability to:

  • Scan and Index Documents With Predetermined Fields and Search and Retrieve with any search term or keyword or

  • Automatically Scan Documents with Zonal Recognition and/ or Barcodes and Have Documents Routed Automatically

  • Automatically Print Attachments from Outlook Email directly into a Predetermined Watch Folder

  • Print Documents directly from a virtual printer and into a Hot Folder and Routed To Watch Folder

  • Automatically Receive Notification that New Documents Are Available to Be Indexed

  • Retrieve Documents From Any Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Or Mobile Device  


  • Reduction of Filing Cabinets- Real Estate Costs

  • Labor Cost Reduction- No Filing and Virtual Printing 

  • Businesses Process Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Invoices

  • Bills of Lading

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Contracts, Emails, Manuals and more. 

  • SecureDoc Private Share

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